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Hellenic Parliament approves armament programs – Defea
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Jun 29

Hellenic Parliament approves armament programs

A series of armament programs concerning all three branches of the Armed Forces were discussed and approved by the Special Standing Committee on Armament Programs & Contracts of the Hellenic Parliament, which met twice, on June 22 and 27.

The sub-committee was briefed by the Minister of National Defense Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos during both meetings. Deputy Minister Nikolaos Hardalias, A/GETHA General Konstantinos Floros, A/GES Lieutenant General Charalambos Lalousis, A/GEN Vice Admiral Stylianos Petrakis PN the head of the GEA Vice-Captain Themistoklis Bourolias and the General Director of GDDIA Aristides Alexopoulos also participated.

In particular, at the first meeting, the following programs of the Army were approved:
– Program for “Modernization – upgrade of RM-70 Multiple Rocket Launchers”, with a total estimated cost of €83,000,000. The program for “Upgrading 122 mm Rockets” is also related. for the above launchers with a total estimated cost of €87,912,500.
– Program for “Supply of combat ammunition (Kinetic and Chemical energy) for 120 mm tanks”, with a total estimated cost of €150,000,000, involving about 30,000 missiles with an option for another 30,000. Talks have been held for this program at government level, in order to ensure co-production with sub-construction of ammunition parts in Greece. There are still discussions for the manufacturing company’s investment in Greece by acquiring a significant percentage (up to 49%) of the equity capital of the state-controlled industry Hellenic Defense Systems “EAS ABEE”
– Program for “Supply of laser-guided HELLFIRE missiles for the EE/P AH-64 and the E/PAN OH-58”, with a total estimated cost of €20,000,000.
– Procurement program of 12 second-hand Armored Engineer Combat Vehicles (AMCVs) from German stockpiles. The program is to investigate the existence of available TOMMHs using the Leopard 1 or Leopard 2 tank boat.
– Allocation of credits to finance LOA programs for the supply of various materials (parachutes, clothing, etc.) through the NATO Supply & Support Service (NSPA).

The programs of the Army were completed during the second meeting of the Committee with the following:
– Program for Army Aviation Helicopter Support (LOA) and
– Supply of Night Vision Binoculars (monocular).

The approved Navy programs are the following:
– Program for procurement of 16 MM40 Exocet Block 3 surface-to-surface guided missiles and provision of FOS, total estimated cost €33,000,000. The missiles are intended for equipping and restocking the ROUSSEN class missiles.
– Budget increase for FOS (Follow on Support) of the S-70B helicopters from approximately €80 to €150 million. The initial FOS contract was signed on October 26, 2021, but in the meantime, greater needs emerged to support the 11 helicopters.
– Expansion of the AEGIA High Speed Communications Network program (AEGIA III), total estimated cost of €17,005,198.
– FOS of Electronic Warfare devices EDO CS-3701, with a total estimated cost of €2,350,000.
– FOS of Rolls-Royce frigate gas turbines.

Particularly important for the organization of the Navy, and for the eastern Mediterranean, is the approval for the allocation of credits of €170-180 million for infrastructure projects of the Crete Naval Station.

Finally, the awarding of competition results was approved for:
– Factory level maintenance (DLM2) of Penguin Mk2 Mod7 guided missiles.
– Supply of SST4 type submarine torpedo batteries.

The Air Force programs that were all discussed during the second meeting of the Commission are the following:
– Upgrade of F-16 Block 50 fighter jets, cost €700 million.
– Supply of 30 Advanced Sniper ATP Targeting Track systems.
– Supply of 50 Harpoon naval surface-to-air missiles.
– Supply of 40 AGM-88E AARGM anti-radar missiles.
– Factory maintenance of three C-130 aircraft through the Israeli IAI.
– Factory maintenance of F-110 aero engines of F-16 Block 50.
– Weapon Systems Support – 5 years – through NSPA.