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Continuation of Greek armament programs announced – Defea
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Feb 22

Continuation of Greek armament programs announced

During the discussion of the bill for the ratification of the contracts for the purchase of Belh@ra frigates and Rafale fighter planes the previous week, the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis made a brief summary of what has been done in the field of armaments and announced the next steps.

The new frigates will receive 4 new smaller surface ships next to them, guided by the staff, the decisions will be made by the end of the summer “. This is a reference to the corvette program which began to be discussed in parallel with that of the frigates. At the same time, he added that this is “a coherent and well-structured operational plan which extends to all three Branches of the Armed Forces, since important provisions are provided for the Army, especially in the field of ammunition and tanks.”

On the other hand, the Minister of National Defense Mr. Nikos Panagiotopoulos made it clear that it is the turn of the Army armaments, for which there is already a plan. The Minister of National Defense stated that: “If we have time, other interventions will come that will complete the range of needs in all 3 sectors. Many needs of the Air Force have been satisfactorily met, we are now moving forward with the Navy. Of course, the Army has its own needs and at the moment negotiations are being held for the needs of the Army as well. We have a comprehensive plan and you will find out in the near future with what we will bring for discussion and voting in Parliament “.