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May 14

Acquisition program for new trucks for the Hellenic Army

The competition for the acquisition of new rolling stock for the Hellenic Army (ΗΑ) is expected to be tough and demanding. The Hellenic Army General Staff  (HAGS) is planning an evaluation of all the candidacies in proportion to this acquisition of new battle tanks twenty years ago that took place in Litochoro in 2000. The cost in the first phase has been budgeted around 550 million euros.

The program for the acquisition of new rolling stock is a chronic and at the same time crucial requirement of the HA as it has obsolete material aged 40 years. Especially in specialized vehicles such as collection, deck, mobile repair teams the situation is extremely marginal.

The General Staff has already sent to the interested companies the need to bring their vehicles to the Armor Training Center (KETTH) in order to have a real evaluation of a number of obstacles and obstacles. The main contenders are expected to be the following companies: Iveco Defense, Rheinmetall MAN, Scania, Renault, Oshkosh and Tatra.

The program of the General Assembly concerns the replacement of obsolete trucks around the S8500 STEYR 680 M3 (all versions) as well as the MERCEDES BENZ 290 GD. The total of the above amounts to 15,000 vehicles which will be gradually replaced in the long run. The goal, of course, is for the vehicles to be assembled in Greece at the facilities of the old Greek Vehicle Industry (ELVO), which was recently acquired by Plasan.

The request, of course, would be for the political leadership in collaboration with the HA to assign the program to the Greek defense industry with the design and production of a Greek vehicle that will replace the above HA vehicles. It should be noted that there is a comprehensive study of a Greek company operating in the field of vehicles, costing 15-20 million euros with a comprehensive research and development plan that includes the necessary plans and certifications to have a supply without technical risk.

Therefore, the bet is on the one hand to have proper coverage of the operational needs of the ΗΑ but also at the same time to have a high domestic added value in such a large and important program.