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Restoration of Hellenic national naval power – Defea
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Dec 07

Restoration of Hellenic national naval power

In the context of the festive events, the Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff Vice Admiral Stylianos Petrakis HN, in his speech, among other things, referred extensively to the armaments efforts for the restoration of Hellenic national naval power.

Specifically based on his speech:

The focus is on the new French state-of-the-art FDI HN frigates that for the first time provide area air defense to the Greek fleet in the vulnerable sector of the Eastern Mediterranean with unprecedented air defense capabilities.

Extensive reference was made to the new upgraded command and control capabilities with the upgrade of the Fleet Headquarters operations center based in underground facilities at the Eastern Mediterranean Military Command (SDAM) as well as to the “AEGEAN” program which offers high quality and other land facilities (headquarters, command centers).

In the torpedo acquisition programs as well as in the recent decision to acquire torpedo countermeasures. Also, in the upgrade of the firepower of the ships of the Surveillance Ship Administration (gunboats).

In addition, he made special mention of the HN aircraft and in particular the new MH-60R helicopters as well as the P-3B Orion HN.

Characteristically stressed: We are engaged in a speed marathon for an unprecedented number of armament sub-programs and removal of time-consuming issues, processes that will significantly upgrade our combat capability.