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Impressive participation of Greek defence companies at DEFEA – Defea
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Jun 26

Impressive participation of Greek defence companies at DEFEA

The Hellenic Armed Forces and Security Services’ impressive participation in DEFEA 2021 underscore the importance of this first international exhibition.

The Ministry of National Defence, under the auspices of which DEFEA takes place, with its active co-operation in the organization of the event, utilizes the benefits coming out of the Exhibition, hosting his counterparts, as well as Chiefs of General Staffs from allied and friendly countries. Organizing a ministerial round table, as well as other conferences highlights the geopolitical aspects of DEFEA. Concurrently the General Directorate of Defence Investments and Armaments, participating in the Exhibition, opens prospects for industrial co-operation with the companies present in DEFEA. Additionally, the Ministry of Merchant Marine placed DEFEA under its auspices and will be present in the Exhibition.

The General Staffs of the Hellenic Armed Forces will present in DEFEA the training capabilities of the Hellenic Services and especially the international joint exercises with friendly and allied countries. These exercises are focused on the high standards of the Hellenic Armed Forces’ as well as the opportunities provided by the terrain of Greece.

The Hellenic Police as well as the Hellenic Coast Guard will present in DEFEA, both their important work on the security of the citizens and their contribution in the complex task of the border protection in land and sea.
DEFEA will be focused in the Hellenic Defence Industry which will make a dynamic presence with 97 state owned and private industries among the total of the 312 exhibitors of DEFEA. Some of these factories have been founded more than a century ago and they have an invaluable contribution to the national defence of Greece

The Greek companies participating in DEFEA, are:


Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. established in 1975 is the largest aerospace and defence industry in Greece, having as primary mission to deliver defense and aerospace services and products to the Hellenic State, as well as to both military and civil markets. Operating as «an integrated, one stop shop», combining cutting-edge technology with certified production procedures and exceptionally well-trained and experienced staff, the company offers products and services of the highest quality standards in the most competitive cost and delivery terms, thus acquiring a broad customer base, and establishing itself as a reliable partner of the leading aerospace industries globally, with important export activity.


“HELLENIC DEFENCE SYSTEMS S.A.” with trade name EAS, is a State-owned company which is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and trading of NATO type defence materials.
EAS’ activities are:
Development & production of infantry weapons, weapon systems, missile systems, ammunition
Upgrading and modernization of weapons & weapon systems
Maintenance of weapon & missile systems
Testing, evaluation, collection and demilitarization of ammunition
Overhaul & upgrade of APCs
Ballistic and static tests for ammunition, weapons, bulletproof material
In the international defence environment, EAS enjoys the reputation and entrustment of 40 MoDs worldwide as a qualified OEM and reliable supplier while some of the leading companies count on it as a dynamic partner.


Precision Metal Machining

AEGEAN PROJECTS is part of a highly diversified Group of Companies which retains exceptional capability in providing solution to complex Governmental projects and enquiries. Our personnel have large experience to provide the best approach to almost any operational requirement. We hold a great percentage of success despite adverse economy conditions of previous years, we achieved multi million Euros projects for the Companies we represent. Our staff all comply with due diligence and anti-bribery and ethics compliance for US and European Standards.
Products & Services: Representation, Technical & Financial Advisory services, offer preparation assistance and submission for Defence Procurements issued by Greek and Cyprus Government.
Weapon Systems
Remote Weapon Stations
Patrol Vessels
Parachutes, paratrooper training and aircraft leasing for paratroopers
Army Special Forces training centre, design and implementation
Disaster relief shelters
Complete Surveillance solutions for Greek and Cyprus Government
Surveillance & Reconnaissance aircraft leasing with crew and engineers for Border patrol, Counterterrorism and Army applications
Border surveillance and Information gathering (attended or unattended posts and command centre): Installation of towers with radars, thermal cameras, Direction finders, shelters, generators, transmission of signals to command centres and design and development of command centres.
Military and Civilian Airport radars and ILS systems
Systems to be used by Police and Intelligence for cell phone interception and intelligence gathering, used to locate terrorists, criminals and threats to National Security
Convert Vans for intelligence and Police
Convert boats to USV intelligence and police
Convert boats to USV


Aerospace Management and Support PCC (AMS AERO) has a long experience in Civil and Military Contracts. AMS AERO deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to customers worldwide by:
A team of skilled and experienced maintenance professionals and engineers.
Operating under EASA, FAA approvals and other local or specific approvals and respecting all regulations and high aviation standards.
A well-established supply network of world leading Manufacturers.
Our team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in Aviation Industry, ex Hellenic Air Force officers, are in charge to extend AMS AERO business from the Civil Aviation market to the Defense Market. Services provided: MRO, Avionics Sales / Upgrade Services, Logistics & Spares, Installation/ Engineering / Certification, Maintenance Training, Consulting


Aether Aeronautics is a Greek company located in Chania, Crete, specialized in UAV and Aerial Target Drones design, development and manufacturing. The company also provides prototypes production, complete flight-testing schedules and consulting services. The creation of the company was based on the long experience of its executive members on this field.
The company has designed more than 15 different Aerial Target Drone models and model families, covering all the range of performances from low-speed to transonic. Aether Aeronautics applies specific quality and environmental procedures and has been accredited by ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.
In addition, the company’s products have been certified with Safety Validation Certificate according to NATO standards by NAMFI (NATO MISSILE FIRE INSTALATION).


AKMON S.A. is a wholly owned Greek corporation that specializes in Defense & Aerospace Electronics, registered in the “Registry of Defense Materiel Manufacturers of the Hellenic MOD” with Certificate Number: 0020. Its portfolio of activities ranges from manufacturing, upgrading and rebuilding cable sets and harnesses for aerospace use, electro-mechanical assemblies to assembling high technology telecommunications and electronic equipment for air, sea and land Defense Applications in accordance with the Highest Mil-Aero Standards. AKMON’s Quality Management System is certified according to: ISO-9001, AS/EN-9100 quality standards from 2000 and 2013 respectively and also VG 96927 by the BAAINBw and the VDE.


Alexmolds is a privately owned company that specializes in the manufacturing of high precision machined parts from a wide variety of materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, inconel, titanium, brass, copper, plastic etc. Furthermore we offer a reliable solution in the design of molds and tools, such as plastic injection tools, aluminum die casting tools, and progressive tools. Our company is certified with AS/EN 9100D and ISO 9001:2015.


Alpha Systems operates within KOUIMTZIS Group, concentrating its business activities in the fields of defense and homeland security as the R&D and manufacturing brand. Alpha Systems is all about design, engineering, manufacturing, technologies and Innovative systems that meet premium quality. Our company cooperates with world-class universities and institutions to undertake, on behalf of our customers, a full- scale R&D program that applies from the primary idea of any project to its realization. This year in DEFEA, Alpha Systems will be exhibiting a joint proposal with URO Vehículos Especiales S.A for a “National Vehicle” with co-production in Greece, meeting all needs the Hellenic MOD has and also Introducing a hybrid electric version.

Instagram: alsnsdnavalshipdesigns

Naval ship designs for Hellenic navy and other clients.


ALTHOM is a high performing service provider in the fields of engineering and technical publications, located in Hamburg, Germany and Patra, Greece. Our company covers a wide range of specialized mechanical, civil, industrial and electrical engineering services, offers optimized services and processes in terms of quality, costs, flexibility and delivery
punctuality tailored to any special need and provides Consulting and Quality Management support services. Also provides technical publications in compliance with all applicable technical regulations and international specifications & standards (S1000D, S2000M, ATAiSpec etc). “ALTHOM Publisher”, our independent and fully customizable software solution in publishing and checking can be adapted to a defined output according to the client’s needs and requirements.


ALTUS LSA provides turnkey solutions in the field of Unmanned Systems and innovative technology programs with worldwide service capabilities. The Company’s experience and expertise extends to: land & maritime border surveillance, intelligence gathering, airborne ISR, environmental monitoring, natural disaster management, GIS applications, protection of critical infrastructure, SAR missions, infrastructure inspection, RGB/thermal/multispectral mapping, aerial works data processing and aerial target drone applications. ALTUS LSA has already a significant customer portfolio that consists of major stakeholders in the Aviation and defense/security industry. Ongoing services and co-operations involve NATO, OSCE, EMSA, Hellenic Army, Hellenic Navy, Hellenic Air force, Hellenic Fire Service, Qatar Emir Air Force, Israeli Defense Forces, FRONTEX, Hellenic Police, Cyprus Police, Hellenic Ministry of Civil Protection, Hellenic Ministry of Agriculture, European Commission and many other.


Anorak is a privately – owned Greek company founded in 1975 specializing in the manufacture of personal protective clothing. Since 2008 one of our major activities is the manufacturing of body armor vests. safety, high quality and prompt deliveries is the output of our manufacturing process that is taking place solely in Athens, under the strictest quality control procedures. we will be glad to meet you in our booth.


ARIEXPO ENGINEERING was founded in 1982 as a shareholding company (S.A.) in accordance with the Greek and EU legislation in order to promote the marketing, sales and support of diesel engines, gearboxes and transmissions in the fields of Marine (all kinds of vessels), Railways, Aircraft, Energy production and Heavy vehicles of all types and applications. During the last 35 years ARIEXPO has progressively expanded its activities in a variety of business sectors and has grown its material and human resources as it represents today large foreign companies with a market-leading position in the marine propulsion sector.


Our company supplies with clothing, equipment and accessories all the armed forces such as (police, army, navy, air force etc)


We are a manufacturing company providing protective armour and custom fabricated products for law enforcement and the civil/defense industries. Armourer’s choice is an innovator and supplier of premium armoury solutions calibrated to meet the end user’s field conditions and requirements. Using patent-protected polymer technology, our products follow a decades-long research and development investment that has resulted in the most lightweight, durable and cost-effective offerings available on the market.


ATCOR is a privately owned company, located in Athens – GR and dedicated in providing engineering services and support for Air Defence Ground Systems. Since 2008, ATCOR has been awarded with several contracts from NSPA, NCIA and HAF for the support of the following systems:
Deployable Air Command and Control Center (DACCC)
RADAR – HR-3000 (RSRP)
ATCOR capabilities:
On Site Maintenance
Depot Level Maintenance
Post Design Services
Teardown and Relocation of RADAR systems.
SHELTER Restoration and Anti-corrosion protection.
Customized solution driven design and manufacturing.
Reverse Engineering


AVIATEC S.A. is a company approved under EASA/HCAA Part147 regulation (EASA EU 1321/2014 Annex IV) and TUV NORD ISO 9000:2015, to mainly provide High Quality Training & Consultancy to Aviation professionals. AVIATEC S.A. focuses in innovation technologies and has established an R&D department already
working in aircraft Instrumentation project and a Tilt Rotor UAV for Government utilization. Our personnel has a huge experience in Aviation (Airworthiness, Maintenance, Repairs, Training,
Modifications, Research & Development) coming from the Military and Civil aviation sector, Aeronautical Universities also.


Axon Engineering was founded in 1985 as an engineering company, manufacturing precision parts, components and fabrications. Axon provides a complete engineering solution by maintaining good lead times, on-time delivery, quality and reliability at competitive prices. We offer clients all the necessary services of a “one stop shop” supporting them all the way from sourcing and manufacturing to assembly and delivery. Axon manufactures a wide range of products for companies in sectors such as aerospace, defense, electronics, naval optics and telecommunication. One of our areas of expertise is built to print aircraft maintenance tooling, G.S.E and fabrications for the aerospace industry.


B&T Composites is active in the field of composite materials since 2009. We produce lightweight structures using the filament winding method and mainly carbon and glass fibers. The assortment consists of products in the fields of: industry: shafts for torque transmission, decanters, rollers, lightweight cranes, robotic arms wind energy: shafts for torque transmission in wind turbines infrastructure: GRP lighting poles according EN 40-7 rules, piping systems, tanks for corrosive and acidic liquids’ storage. Marine: masts, booms, sunsail columns, spinnaker poles
high pressure tanks. We export the biggest percentage of our products in all European Countries.


Barracuda is a Greek company, with presence in the Inflatable Boat’s market for over 30 years. Initially has been created a precursor shape in France, which successfully transferred to Greece in its 4000 sq. owned premises. Building our products, RIBs from 2,5m to 12,7m, USV from 6m – 9m, Polyester and Inflatable products, from beginning to end, using top quality materials, make our customers speak of our products unsurpassed quality, endurance and design. We continue to learn from our customers’ needs in order to successfully invest in their missions, making our products incomparably the best


Census is an internationally acclaimed IT Security service provider offering high-quality services to organizations worldwide since 2008. Through its cutting-edge research in the field of IT Security, CENSUS delivers state-of-the-art services supporting the needs of multiple industries, including Financial, Banking, Insurance, Payments, Software & Internet services, Maritime, Healthcare, Consumer Electronics and Telecommunications. CENSUS offers a complete set of services, meeting any security requirements with a 360 approach in a variety of solutions such as IT Security Audit, Web & Mobile Application Security Assessment, Source Code Auditing, Vulnerability Research, Digital Forensics, Training & Consulting.


Double Action Defence SA is a certified manufacture with ΝΑΤΟ defense systems Code NCAGE G 2496 with headquarters in Greece. Double Action Defence SA is an innovative, modern company based in GREECE fully committed in providing high quality anti-ballistic protection products. With its 24 year experience, advanced quality and competitive prices, the Double Action Defence SA team is proud to be recognized as one of the main suppliers of the Greek Armed and Security Forces, where it has met the most demanding operational needs of all the above units.
Supporting our extroverted strategic sales abroad, the company’s products are exported to many countries as well. It is worth mentioning Double Action Defence SA is the main supplier of bulletproof vests and anti-ballistic plates of the UAE PG



EFA VENTURES, is a leading-edge technologies company that provides a range of specialized services addressed in the Aerospace, Defense, Security and High Technology markets. With more than 30 years of experience and a wide international network of partner companies, EFA VENTURES, operates on an international scale, in more than 40 countries around the world. It supports its customers and partners on a turn-key basis across the Defense and Commercial sectors, with a broad range of services which focus on market strategy, industrial planning and implementation, technologies and operations, logistics support, project management, international business research and advisory, as well as design, development and implementation of integrated projects. At the same time, EFA VENTURES, as a founding member of the EFA GROUP, is set on creating strategic alliances with other entities, both on a national and international scale, thereby broadening the spectrum of its activities in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors while building its capabilities for technology, logistics support, maintenance and platform upgrade projects. EFA VENTURES is also involved in the provision of specialized services, such as Firefighting, as well as the provision of integrated solutions for Performance Based Logistics services of aerial means. The company continues its industrialization effort by investing in innovative solutions of emerging technology sectors such as UAS, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and Video Analytics, while it expands its business activities to provide Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Services (MRO) services as well as Upgrades of aerial means for the Defense & Security sectors. EFA Ventures is the driving force behind, the leading Global B2B information platform for the ADHT Industries, and the only global industrial cooperation consultancy and service provider. Our scope of activities includes:
Engineering & Logistics Services,
Industrial Participation,
Supporting Partnerships and Governments’ Objectives,
Industry Intelligence Services.


EL.IN. s.a. was established in 1982, in the area of Grevena, which is in North Greece and start involved with the construction of agricultural machinery and spare parts. In 1989 was modified
to an S.A. company and afterwards in 1991 built modern proprietary premises, with the intension of expanding its production capabilities to special industrial applications. The
outcome of this modernization is the establishment of cooperation since 1995 with the Public Power Company (PPC) into spare parts construction sectors for the PPC’s Steam Electric Power Plants, but mostly for the mines of Lignite Centres of Ptolemaida and Megalopolis, a collaboration which required a continual improvement of the quality of products, with the appropriate choice of high standard raw materials and high-level quality controls. Moreover, since 1998 as a prime contractor as well as a sub-contractor has been manufacturing steel forged parts for the armoured equipment of the Ministry of Defence (Certified
supplier for NATO with the NCAGE code G0528).


ELFON LTD is an SME, based in Pallini (Athens area), Greece. It was established in 1975. Its core business is the design and manufacturing of Wiring Harnesses and Electromechanical Assemblies. It is certified according to EN 9100, ISO 9001, and ISO 14000. ELFON operates as a subcontractor to tier 1 and tier 2 contractors of the Defense, Aviation, and Space Industries. The company has the capability to produce OEM assemblies and also perform on-site installation and termination of cabling, including fiberoptics. ELFON’s customers include, Lockheed Martin, TEXTRON, Northrop Grumman, Dassault, MBDA, THALES, OHB, Leonardo, Hellenic Shipyards, Elefsis Shipyards, and the Hellenic Navy. Projects in which ELFON has been involved are, F-16, T-6, and P3 A/C, 214 S/M, Super Vita FAC, S-Frigate Modernization, Leo2HEL Tank, MICA, EXOCET, ESSM, RAM Missiles, Phalanx CIWS, PLATO S/C, FLEX S/C.


ELMON is a leading Defence Integrator, registered in Athens Hellas since 2005, specializing in Protection, Security and Defence Systems ELMON offers a comprehensive product portfolio for defence and homeland security requirements. The combination of ELMON Products from our own state-of-the-art production facility and a network of strategic partnerships enables us to provide the best possible solutions to government end-users to succeed in the harsh conditions of the battlefield. Customized Solutions are tailored in close cooperation with our customers to meet their specific demands. ELMON Support services assist customers in developing requirements and respective solutions as well as support end users throughout the whole lifecycle of solutions.


ELVO 2020 is a European/Greek company, which provides advanced technological vehicle solutions for defense and commercial applications. With state-of-the-art maintenance and upgrade capabilities as well as cutting edge manufacturing lines, ELVO 2020 invests heavily in r&d and innovative solutions that meet tomorrow’s tactical wheeled vehicles and combat vehicles needs today.


EODH is a Defense and Security Company based in Greece with a 18 years track history, providing innovative Protective Technologies and Products worldwide, and a full range of Survivability Solutions for High-end Platforms. Our unique Products, Upgrade Packages and Technologies such as the ASPIS “Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System”, are used by a number of well-known OEM companies, and Armed Forces worldwide. EODH is a Preferred Partner in the LEO 2 A7 & BOXER production and other moderns AFV, and a major player in the manufacturing and integration of their protection solutions in important projects in Europe, U.S.A and Countries of the Middle East. EODH recently in Partnership achieved a Major milestone in the concept, design, development, manufacturing and testing of Military Armored Protected Vehicles “Hoplite” 4 x 4 is a vivid example of a New Era for EODH.


Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Greece, ERMA FIRST is an experienced manufacturer of ballast water treatment systems (BWΤS). The ERMA FIRST FIT system is an advanced modular system which can be installed on both newbuilds and as a retrofit. Covering an extensive capacity range from 50 to 3600m3/hr and holding USCG Type Approval, ERMA FIRST FIT is an ideal solution for all types of ships. ERMA FIRST is the winner of the Lloyd’s List Technical Achievement Award (2013) and the Green4Sea Technology Award (2016). ERMA FIRST provides sales, maintenance and training services to its clients via a global network of offices in 46 countries.


ES Systems is a developer and manufacturer of high-quality sensors based on microelectronics technologies. ES Systems’, MEMS based, sensors measure pressure, fluid properties and temperature. ES Systems products are ideal for the industrial, medical and aerospace markets either as stand-alone components or being integrated within equipment. Towards the latest requirements and developments of the 4th industrial
revolution, ES Systems has developed innovative smart, autonomous, low power and wireless sensors ideal for integration to IoT systems and solutions.


Design and production of inflatable ribs and technology equipment.


ETME, member of SEKPY, is a visionary product-oriented SME engineering company involved into both civilian and defence sectors. The company identifies specific market needs and shortfalls, acquires patents and delivers adequate products with a focus in the energy (by FloatMast® for offshore wind park resource assessment) and the maritime surveillance domain (by and FloatMast-RADAR® and Unmanned Semi-fixed Sea Platforms USSPs). The company is leading the first European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) project in the SMEs category, namely DECISMAR, a decision support toolbox for acquisition planning in the maritime surveillance domain. More information in the HELDIC catalog


EUROTRADE SA provides specialized housing solutions since 1979. We design, manufacture and supply tailor-made, bulletproof constructions and modular buildings for both private and public sectors and we deliver globally. Among our bulletproof constructions you will find Offices, Cabins, Check-points, Guard Posts, Staff Shelters, Observation Boxes, Portable Forensic Labs, CBRN protected enclosures (any size), Deployable Maritime Containers, Temporary Detention Units and Panic rooms. All portable, relocatable, fixed or movable. Among our modular buildings you will find Barracks, Meeting rooms, Catering and Sanitary Units, Dormitories, Hospitals, Classrooms and many more. All relocatable, easy to transport and install on site. Our R&D team is always open to new suggestions, ready for new achievements and strives to successfully respond to each customer’s particular needs.


EYEONIX SA is producing high end technology solutions for governmental agencies that are certified and distributed globally from a multinational global leader in telecommunications and electronics


We are a Greek company based in Piraeus, designing and manufacturing heat exchangers for more than 40 years. In order to meet each clients’ individual needs, we present a wide range of products in every tubular & Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Category. Some of the most notable categories are: Turbo-charged Air Coolers, Steam-Dump Condensers, Marine Gas Oil (MGO) Cooling Units, Heaters, Electric Heaters, Oil Coolers, Water Coolers, Freon Evaporators and Condensers.


The company George Farantos is established in Greece since 1955 and is a family business with high expertise in business gifts, commemorative plaques, emblems, coins, etc, that are tailor made to our customer needs. We proudly serve military forces (army, navy & air forces) and national security forces (police, coast guard, etc) not only in Greece but in NATO Nations. Our clientele expands to the private sector, with prestigious clients, such as banks, shipping companies, multinational companies.


FEAC Engineering is a leading solutions provider in physics-based Simulation Engineering. The company applies simulation & engineering expertise to solve challenging & complex problems and provides state of the art solutions the product development cycle, from concept design & performance simulation to prototype testing.


The Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) is a major national research centre partly funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Hellenic Ministry of Development and Investments. The Institute of Computer Science (ICS) is one of the eight institutes of the FORTH. The mission of FORTH-ICS is to perform high quality basic and applied research, to promote education and training, and to contribute to the development of the Information Society, at a regional, national, and European level. Since its establishment in 1983, FORTH-ICS has had a long history and recognized tradition in conducting basic and applied research, and playing a leading role, in Greece and internationally, in the field of Information and communication Technologies. The span of research activities of the Institute comprises a broad spectrum of Information and Communication Technologies.


Foxtrot is a trading and consulting company that specialize in: trade, representation, intermediation and lobbying in the field of national defense and security in the country of Greece. From representation agreements to networking we aid foreign and domestic companies in achieving their strategic goals in the Greek Defence and security market.


Kibo cabins manufacture pre-fabricated ballistic resistant buildings designed to protect police, soldiers and security personnel. The buildings are deployed on military bases, government buildings, critical infrastructure and borders. Clients include UK MOD, USAF, US navy, US marines and governments in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and Latin America.


G.A. AVIATION SERVICES S.A. was found as Greek Air in 1978 and was established in the Greek Aviation market both in the maintenance & repair of light / medium Airplanes & Helicopters as well as in the supply of spare parts and mechanical accessories to large airlines and military units. Our offices are located in the facilities of our new fully licensed Heliport in Koropi, Attica, Greece with a total area of 30,000 sq.m. about, very close to the airport El. Venizelos, with easy access from Attiki Odos. It has a hangar of 1,000 sq.m. for maintenance and housing of helicopters, 1,400 sq.m. for engine shops, offices, training room, spare parts warehouses, lubricants and crew resting areas.
There is a passenger waiting area and car parking within the area. The privileged position of the Heliport offers easy access throughout the country, especially in the southern part and the Aegean islands. In addition, we have a Light Aircraft Maintenance Hangar of 1700 sq.m. at Pachi – Megara Airport. Our company is an Authorized Service Center of the following manufacturers:
TEXTRON AVIATION (Cessna & Beechcraft)
Maintenance & repair of light / medium Airplanes & Helicopters, Sales of aircraft parts, components and consumables, Evaluation and Technical Reports as well as Consultation Support.
Within the framework of its activities, our company offers its services to the Greek State, covering the needs of material supply and the management of repairs of units and spare parts for the Hellenic Aviation Industry, the Air Force, the Navy, the Army and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Our company also offers its services to helicopter and aircraftcompanies (AOC), private owners of Airplanes & Helicopters




GLASSART® S.A. is a leading company in modular prefabricated buildings since 1980 for dual use. From its own manufacturing facilities, it has developed and successfully launched advanced buildings solutions and responds to projects of high ballistic requirements with immediate relocation ability specially designed for military use. With unique know-how GLASSART® excels in the design and production of modern, flexible, innovative, ergonomic, timeless and turnkey solutions of unprecedented level of quality. GLASSART® offers, robust, field tested high technology solutions covering almost every military or police housing need: mobile field hospitals, bulletproof military guard houses, modular military equipment and maintenance booths, army barracks, portable office spaces, panic rooms, dining halls and dormitories. GLASSART® is an official NATO supplier with many years of partnership with the Greek Armed and Police Forces.


GRANTEX S.A. was established in 1958 and up to now has been successfully producing friction materials (brake linings, disc brake pads etc.) for all kinds of heavy duty vehicles and industrial applications and since 1990 we have expanded our activities in the vehicle spare parts field as well. Our company is certified to be in conformity with ISO 9001 (Quality system) and ISO 14001 (Environmental system) standards. The premium quality of our products is proven through different certifications e.g. ECE R-90 (Type approval), AMECA (U.S. certificate), EAC (Russian certificate) etc. Since 1980, GRANTEX S.A. is a registered supplier of the Greek Army and NATO with NCAGE “G1132”. Till now, we have successfully signed many contracts with the Greek Army for the supply of brake linings for military type vehicles e.g., MERCEDES BENZ JEEP, STEYER, BATTLE TANKS, MISSILE CARRIERS TOR-M1 etc. In 2019, we designed an autonomous (diesel powered) aero turbine which creates a strong wind front that repels smoke, tear gas, etc. Last but not least, we would like to stress our 85% export rate in markets throughout the globe (Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa etc.)


’HARLAS INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT SA’, one of the 1st certified IATA Greek forwarder companies, among others, for 50 years stays faithful to business excellence. It transports, stores and handles all kinds of goods across the globe, through the constantly expanding network of partners that has been able to build over the years. Thanks to efficient service, it offers integrated air, road and sea freight services, creating customized solutions according to the needs of the customer. The management of Harlas S.A., guiding its specialized team, supports, advises and processes reliably every undertaking of an international transport project, creating a safe and sustainable environment.


Hellenic Aerospace Security & Defense Industries Group (HASDIG) is a Member of the Aerospace & Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD), being the National Association representing in it the respective Hellenic Industries and has endorsed the ASD Common Industry Standards (CIS), an initiative targeting to reaffirm its continued dedication to contribute to a market place free of corruptible practices, allowing all participants in the international market to compete on an equal and fair basis.
HASDIG has 32 members employing over 8.000 employees with a further large number of suppliers in Greece, the majority of them being SMEs. Total annual industry turnover in Defense contracts (domestic & international) is around 680 million Euro.
HASDIG member-companies have a considerable know-how in R&D activities and their infrastructure is of very high standards. Besides the local defense market, HASDIG members have also developed successful co-operations with leading international defense manufacturers.


Manufacturing and assembly of components, component groups and special tools for general industrial and defense applications. Precise mechanical machining, welding of special steels, painting. Manufacturing and assembly of protection kits. Assembly of electromechanical subsystems. Refurbishment of components and component groups. Field customer service and space parts supply for military vehicles and defense systems.


Hellenic instruments is a Greek based high technology company, specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced military, security and industrial electronic systems.
Antenna design & rf layout
Embedded systems design & development
Electronics / mechanical design & assembly
Software ui development & computer vision
Key areas
Monitoring & control systems (data acquisition, analytics)
Telecommunication systems and iot smart sensor devices
Security and surveillance integrated systems
Ammunition subsystems and fuzes
Communication jamming & data collection systems
Rapid prototype realization




The Ministry of National Defence (MoD) has as its main responsibility the protection of territorial integrity, national independence and sovereignty and the security of citizens against any external attack or threat, the support of national interests and the administration of the Armed Forces of the country. According to the Greek Constitution, the President of the Hellenic Republic is the Commander of the Armed Forces, whose administration is exercised by the respective Government
through the Minister of National Defence. At present, the Minister of National Defence is Mr. Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos.


The region of western Macedonia is one of the 13 regions of Greece, administratively it is a secondary local government organization and geographically coverVs the western part of Macedonia. Through targeted actions, among others, the region of western Macedonia promotes entrepreneurship, extroversion and the business development throughout its geographical responsibility.


HEMEXPO – Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers and Exports – is a leading suppliers and exporters association for the shipping sector, representing Greek maritime technology specialists worldwide since 2014. HEMEXPO brings together Greek companies that manufacture and export a comprehensive range of world class marine equipment and technical services used in the construction, conversion, maintenance and upgrading of ships and other marine structures. Greece is the world’s leading ship owning nation in tonnage terms and HEMEXPO is uniquely positioned to support the supply chain and procurement process from the point of owner specification to shipyard installation and beyond. Established as one of the leading European maritime exporter associations, it offers a unified platform to support the global ambitions of its members and a collaborative link between these specialized companies and owners, class societies and shipyards worldwide. Drawing on its extensive industry knowledge, experience and network of contacts, HEMEXPO ensures that its members are kept up to date with the latest market insights and proactively supports the growth and development of their businesses.


Interklark is a member of KLB Group – that also includes Kolibioti company, (importer and supplier of forklift trucks, official dealer of Hyster) and a number of mineral fuel providers- and is commercially active as a supplier of forklift spares for the last 23 years. Addressing a wide range of professional sectors, Interklark supports an international clientelle that includes wholesale dealers (spare parts dealers), as well as industrial and commercial companies that use forklift fleets. The industries we are active in are agriculture, food production, transportation, logistics, industry in general and the last years, military units. Over the years Interklark adopted the role of a stabilizing market factor concerning the rate quality/price, for the benefit of the clientelle. The reason is that Interklark remains commited to its principle to be able to add value to its customers. The idea is that when the customers thrives, Interklark thrives too. Thus we adopted the motto : « we have the know-how and we offer value ». Interklark maintains a huge stock of spares and consumables by own imports aiming better prices and faster deliveries. We are based in Thessaloniki, Greece in own facilities, within the KLB Group premises.


INTERMAT is specialized in stealth technology coatings for 23 years, tested and proved in the Lab and in many different landscapes. We provide an anti-detection & anti-targeting stealth
technology that protects combat vehicles, naval platforms and critical infrastructure against EO/IR sensors & weapon systems such as anti-tank missiles, UAVs, UCAVs, IR homing
missiles, Thermal Imaging Sights (TIS), FLIRs, etc., man portable and platform based effectively, affordably, reliably and above all always “alarmed” against missile threat. A knowledge that is tried, tested, contracted and proved in the battlefield for the last decade. We are an official and approved supplier of NATO through NSPA and US Department of Defense (DoD) through its official procurement channel System for Award Management (SAM)
at and we are working with several GOV and prestigious defense contractors around the globe. STEALTH Technology in many forms: Paints, Aerosol Spray Cans, Wrap Film, Fabrics, Suits


INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) is a highly acclaimed Defense Systems Company in Greece, with an outstanding record of participation in domestic programs and exports to quality-driven international customers. IDE utilizes high-end technologies in the design and development of advanced products in the areas of Missile Electronics, Tactical IP Communications, C4I Systems, Surveillance, Hybrid Electric Power Systems, and Unmanned Systems. The Company retains its international recognition through the long-standing participation in European and NATO new technology development programs. Utilizing advanced production capabilities and large-scale project management know-how, IDE is a key player in the high technology sector of the Hellenic Defense Industry


Afoi Kolibioti is the mother company of KLB Group- that also includes Interklark, (the biggest specialized supplier of forklift parts in South Eastern Europe). Active for the last 30 years, Kolibioti, is a supplier of forklifts and warehouse equipment. Kolibioti has the official dealership of Hyster in Greece, which offers the ability to supply heavy-duty machines to demanding sectors like ports, heavy industry and military. Kolibioti is also a representative of Zephir, a major manufacturer of shunting vehicles and provider to many public transportation organizations. Kolibioti is also known for the development and construction of forklift peripherals like cabins and scoops but also of mobile industrial ramps. Designed with focus on endurance and safety, the KLB mobile ramp (for 7, 9, 13, 16 tons) is CE-certified and is a best seller in Greece and abroad (Germany, Italy). Kolibioti is certified with ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018


MENGIA S.A. It is a modern construction company specializing in engineering applications. Our company Designs, Develops, and Manufactures Components and Systems for Industrial and Defence applications according to the strictest specifications and undertakes their upgrade and repair also. MENGIA S.A. with its modern mechanical and measuring equipment, and its excellently trained scientific staff can produce products in small quantities and mass production as well


Mevaco S.A. is a Greek manufacturing unit established in 1972, member of the Athens stock exchange, specialized in high precision metal structures, per customers’ requirements (Built To Print) and qualified approved source by defense prime contractors. Processing includes:
Special processes i.e. Fusion Welding, Spot Welding, Liquid Painting, Powder Coating, Conductive Painting and other surface treatments of various types, all per military specs. Conventional processes i.e. machining, laser cutting, bending, forming. Other manufacturing processes i.e. rubber bonding, anti-slipping compound application, per military and other specs. Other Inspection processes i.e. Welds Visual Test, Penetrant Test, Magnetic Particles Test per various specs.


Mikron Machining Hellas is a 45-year Greek machine shop, specialized in high precision machining and qualified approved source by defense prime contractors.
Fields of expertise include:
Electromechanical systems and precision machined components for defense systems
Telecommunication casings
Components for high-frequency microwave applications
Parts for optoelectronic systems
Molds for injection parts & high pressure die casting
Forming and blanking tools for sheet metals parts
Manufacturing process i.e.:
3rd & 4th Axis horizontal machining
2nd & 3rd Axis lathe machining
Fusion Welding & Spot Welding
Liquid Painting
Chemical surface treatment per military and other specs
Assembly line for various parts


Miltech Hellas S.A. is a modern defense company with more than 20 years of experience, specializes in high-technology Thermal Imaging Systems, Aerospace, Electronics, Radio Accessories, Avionics, Electrical Harnesses for Aircraft and Helicopters, Land & Navy warfare electronics systems and other special purposes
electronics applications. It is located 20km east of Athens. Miltech Hellas S.A. is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2018 qualifications. Is a member of “Registry of the Defense Materiel Manufacturers” of the Hellenic MoD and the Hellenic & Defense Industries Group (HASDIG) and holds NATO security clearances for its personnel and installations. It is an accredited supplier of the NSPA/a NATO procurement organization (Reg. Num. G1740).


The Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) was established in 1919 and constitutes a full law enforcement Authority, with military organisational structure and pre-judicial investigation powers. A sound structure in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy, the HCG, aims at fostering maritime economic development, securing social cohesion and safeguarding maritime safety, security and protection of marine environment.
The HCG has an extended range of services around the globe, with a unique international network. 14 Maritime Attachés (HCG Officers) worldwide, employed in ports with a strategic significance to the international shipping industry as well as permanent representation in the EU.
The main responsibilities and activities of the HCG are:
Maritime Search and Rescue
Maritime borders surveillance and control
Ensuring public order
Maritime security, prevention & suppression of criminal activities
Promotion and development of the Greek Merchant Shipping
Upgrade of Maritime Training/ Education
Safeguard of Maritime Labor
Maritime safety & Port State Control
Environmental protection
Maritime Casualty response and Investigation
Fisheries Control
Supervision of Port Authorities
Development of Sea Tourism
Port Policy Development


Morphitech specializes in designing and manufacturing custom made foam inserts for tooling and technical applications, along with laser and printing coding capabilities. We are pioneers in the use and conversion of foam materials, for protecting packaging of sensitive and precious equipment used in military and aerospace industries. Our dedicated R&D team offers one – stop solution for your foam packaging and product development needs


With more than 50 years of experience in the Telecomm Industry, Mortek offers high quality Products, Services, and Integrated Solutions to cover the needs of Governments, Defense and Public Safety Organizations, as well as Telecom Operators and Big Private Enterprises in Greece and the EMEA Region.
We supply a wide range of modern Network Infrastructure Solutions, Wireless and Wireline Communication Equipment, and a wide range of Tailor-made Equipment & Services. Mortek is based in its privately owned Offices (2.000sq.m.) with additional Warehouses (3.000sq.m.) and is strategically located at exit no 17 of Attiki Odos ring road, very close to the El. Venizelos Airport. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, a member of SEKPY (the HELLENIC MANUFACTURERS OF DEFENCE MATERIAL ASSOCIATION) and of the major Chambers of Commerce in Greece.


MOTOCRAFT SA is a leading supplier of marine propulsion systems, generators, and mission critical electric and electronic marine equipment for various applications. MOTOCRAFT SA has been a longtime trusted supplier to various Governmental agencies including but not limited to the Hellenic Army, Navy Air Force, Coast Guard. We represent the most renowned manufacturers worldwide and operate through authorized partners across Greece. Our highly skilled team supports OEMs, importers and other professionals with consistency and credibility providing integrated solutions to numerous needs.


Melita Power Diesel Greece is the exclusive distributor for MTU Rolls-Royce solution and Detroit Diesel engines in Greece. The company’s highly equipped facility spread over a 5000 square meter area in Koropi, Athens together with its highly trained workforce guarantee professional, value-added service to its esteemed demanding Clients. With direct collaboration with the manufacturer, MPD Greece specializes in the selection and sale of engines, supply of original spares and provision of expert engine servicing, repairs and overhauling. The MTU brand encompasses the design and manufacture of cutting-edge high-speed engines for Navy vessels, defense vehicles, heavy land, rail, generators and drives for oil and gas industry. MTU has a reputation throughout the world for reliability, pioneering technology and comprehensive service with the widest and most advanced product range in the sector.



NanoPhos’ mission is to take advantage of the latest nanotechnology achievement in order to craft coatings that exhibit a tangible benefit and a distinctive advantage or property. With vast scientific knowledge, a 15+ year experience, a rich product portfolio of more than 50 products & many, large, international projects, NanoPhos is “building the world & crossing the oceans”. The product portfolio includes coatings for Friction Reduction for Fouling Release, Infra-Red Suppressing / Camouflage, EMI/ EMP Shielding, Radar- Absorbent Materials (RAM) and further application systems.


NeTSA Laboratory is a Research Unit within the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The NeTSA staff comprises a number of acknowledged researchers and engineers specialising in the fields of networking, networking, mobile/distributed/pervasive computing and multimedia systems. During the past years NeTSA members have been actively involved in a number of international projects, funded mainly by the European Commission (e.g., ICT, Horizon2020) as well as projects funded by National Authorities. Recent research activities focus on sensor networking and information fusion, UxV management and applications, surveillance systems and technologies and advanced user interfaces (AR/VR).


NAMFI is in the firing business for more than 50 years now and we have gained a lot of experience, which adds to safety, which in turn is the central pylon for executing exercises. That is proved by the fact that all firing and activities that took place at NAMFI all these years have been completed with absolute safety.
NAMFI is a firing range with multinational character where all types of Air Defence Systems can be fired and recently ATBM firings are co ducted at NAMFI. Also is the only firing Range in the world that operates under the umbrella of SHAPE, regarding TFEs.


Waste collection, transportation and management. Ship waste reception facilities. Land and marine pollution. Defense and security products and equipment. Earthworks, mining and quarrying. Provision of construction machinery. Cleaning of premises, facilities, means of transport, etc. Transportations of persons and goods. Port services and works. Chemical / laboratory analyzes and certificates. Consulting services. Floating protection systems and dams production. Biomass marketing


Orphee Beinoglou – ORBIT Group of Companies (OB), is the leader in freight forwarding and 3rd party logistics in Greece, with subsidiaries in South East Europe located in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Lebanon and Cyprus. We operate in 140.000 sq. meters state-of-the-art owned warehouses that are strategically located and easily accessible.
Through our 98 years of experience we provide 360° range solutions in Exhibitions, Military transportation, Fine Art, logistics, Relocation, Special&oversized Projects, Supply Chain Management 3PL Logistics and Freight Forwarding, (offering multimodal services on Road, Sea, and Air). These include but are not limited to transit cargo, 3PL, Supply chain optimization, last mile and e-commerce services with full commitment to customers’ needs. We adopt the most advanced and up-to-date safety & security systems – operations control center, 24/7/52 manned security, CCTV, burglar alarm, 24h on fire exits, access control, proximity badges, secured areas for high value products (Certified TAPA Member). Our company is specialized in Defense/Military freight We possess the Certificate of Safe Guarding Capability – Security Clearance. We are authorized to handle FMS (Foreign Military Sales) stuff in the US. Our exclusive agent is listed in the US MAPAD. We are cleared to handle classified freight to level NATO SECRET – EU SECRET. We are specialized in Aircraft parts, weapons, ammunition such as missiles, electronic – sensitive parts, being for many years authorized contractors of the Hellenic Ministry of Defense (HN-HAF-HELLENIC ARMY).


PASS DEFENCE Ltd. is a 100% Hellenic company, exclusive representative in Greece of many manufacturing companies of defense, security and NBC materials.
The staff of PASS DEFENCE is fully trained to provide accurate training about the operation, application and support of their products. PASS DEFENCE covers a wide range of provided technology, products and services activities by developing the human potential, the experience and the know-how, we have received after the successful completion of more than 600 contracts. We offer integrated solutions, high technology services, research elaborations, material and system sales, certified training and full after sales support.
In our capabilities are included:
Radar spares
Military & obsolete systems spares
Aviation support equipment & services
NBC protection equipment
Military training equipment
EOD/IEDD equipment, including ROVs
Security search equipment
Diagnostic solutions for electronics
Secure communications equipment
Repair Services for Military PCBs


Petros Petropoulos AEBE was established in Thessalonica in 1922. It manufactures, modifies, distributes and supports a wide range of automotive products including automobiles, trucks and buses, generating sets, diesel engines, boats, outboard engines, agricultural, earthmoving and industrial equipment, batteries and lubricants. The company has a leading position in the Greek market in the sectors which it serves.


Prime Products Ltd is a Piraeus-based Greek company established in 2006, that specializes in safety gear and gas detector supplies for the protection of workers in hazardous
environments. Run by a family with a century- old history in the business world, Prime has managed to develop a global network and acquire a distinct place in thew market, Rooted in responsibility, reliability, and efficiency. Through diligent and committed work, its goal is to keep expanding in a healthy and conscious way, by constantly upgrading its services and building new, productive relationships with clients all over the world.


Prisma Electronics SA is a high-tech company founded in 1991 in Alexandroupolis, specializing in the field of electronics by designing and manufacturing complex electronics parts and integrated electronic systems for commercial, research, space and defense applications. Focusing in High Demanding Projects, Prisma Electronics has participation in various Defense and Space Projects, collaborating with Primes and other Key players, while is certified from MOD Greece and registered for participation in NATO Projects. Company’s core product, LAROS – a turnkey solution for Maritime Business Intelligence, is a well-tested – battle proven platform for Maritime Sector.


With more than 25 years of expertise and in cooperation with manufacturers of international reputation, PROTON S.A. has successfully deployed and installed CBRNE threat detection equipment using a variety of scientifically proven technology platforms, including X-Ray, electromagnetic fields, IMS, FT-IR and Raman spectrometry. PROTON S.A. professionalism, knowledge and flexibility allowed for the commissioning of large scale and complicated projects for all Greek Airports, Customs, Ports, Police and other customers with high security and screening requirements. Full technical support during the equipment’s lifetime is provided by our experienced and manufacturers’ certified Field Service Engineers


Realiscape is a leading Greek company specializing in integrated simulation training solutions and a diverse range of information visualization applications utilizing cutting-edge immersive VR technologies. Its products include the Holotrac large scale virtual environment with applications in defense, civil protection and industry, the FireMeister firefighting simulator series and V-Lab virtual laboratories platform for high-pressure hydraulics and power tools technicians’ familiarization. It also develops a variety of bespoke simulation applications upon request.


SATWAYS Ltd. is a privately held organization founded in May 2006, is based in Athens, Greece with offices in Patras and Larissa, and presence in the United Kingdom and recently in Germany. The company’s main activity is the development of integrated Geospatial Command and Control solutions for Security, Public Safety and Defense organizations. Satways product line includes C2 and C3I enterprise software packages namely the ATLANTIS, AUTOTRACK, TRITON and ENGAGE, that respond to different operational requirements of our customers such as Distributed Geospatial Data management, Operational Resources Tracking, Incident Management and Dispatch, Physical Security Information Management, Natural & Technological Hazards Crisis Management Border, as well as Border & Port Security Information Management. Their common goal is to provide effective decision support, to simplify operations, to provide a Common Operational Picture, Situation Awareness, and collaboration tools across organizations, to collect and disseminate data in the field and to coordinate response units and system users. In addition, Satways is developing seismic and acoustic sensor based real time acquisition and analysis systems for various applications such as structural health monitoring and rapid damage assessment, vibration monitoring, critical infrastructure perimeter protection, classification and tracking of vessels at sea.


Interoperability Systems International Hellas S.A. – SCYTALYS is a leading software development and system integration company that specializes in:
Data Links & Interoperability Solutions
Multi Tactical Data Link Processor Engine/Gateway – ULS
Multi Tactical Data Link Planning tool – MTPS
Mission & Tactical C2 Systems
Mission System for Maritime Patrol Aircrafts – MIMS Airborne
Mission System for Special Operation Crafts (SOC), Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) – MIMS Naval
Battle Management and Situational Awareness System designed to meet the needs of dismounted soldiers and Special Operations Forces – MIMS Ranger
Tactical C2 System suitable for Naval, Airborne and Land forces – MIMS C2


SEKPY is the non-profit association of Hellenic Defence Manufacturers established in 1982. Its mission is to support and promote the interests of its members on the national and international markets while advising Hellenic authorities on defence industrial and research & technology policy. It gathers over 145 companies, mainly SMEs, accounting for more than 12 000 employees in total and is your Point of Contact concerning the Greek Defence Industry. SEKPY follows the developments of the Hellenic and international defense environment to perform specialized studies related to the defense industry in order to provide recommendations to the Hellenic Ministry of Defence and other Governmental Authorities regarding the national strategy for the development of the Hellenic defense industry and thus participates in the formulation and implementation of national policy regarding Procurements, Offsets, Industrial Participation and R&D in the defense sector. Represents the Hellenic defense industry in national and international conferences, supporting the promotion of Hellenic defense products and services to the international market and collaborates with corresponding associations worldwide aiming at the promotion of joint industrial collaboration projects while assisting foreign industries, interested to pursue business cooperation in the domestic defense market. SEKPY member companies are characterized by partnership culture and flexibility supported by their vast specialized experience and their skilled personnel driven by their efficient management. The above combination gives the SEKPY member companies fast adaptability and enables them to provide a wide range of Excellent Quality and Cost effective products and services.


SGL Engineering Ltd Company was founded by George S. Leloudas and Spyros G. Leloudas on 2008, specializing in Naval Ships concerning METROLOGY & PROJECT MANAGMENT amongst other activities in Industry & Merchant Ships.
Weapon Systems
Assembling, Installation, 3D Alignment Measurements & Gyroscopic Azimuth Measurements
Controlling & Supervising FAT, HAT, SAT of Weapon Systems & Platform
3D Alignment Measurements of
New Building Ship Hull Sections during erection
Ship Hull Structure Alignment & Deformation
Machinery Sets, Main Engine, Gearbox, Propulsion & Rudder System, Auxiliary Machinery
3D Scanning for FEA purposes
Noise & Vibration Measurements Analysis


Founded in 1961, SIAMIDIS is a family-owned company specialized in advanced ballistics and technical garments. Our operation leans on our accumulated expertise, the vertically integrated production structure, and our long-time international partnerships. As a DuPont™ partner for DuPont™ Kevlar®, DuPont™ Nomex®, DuPont™ Tensylon™ technologies and a W.L. Gore licensed partner for GORE-TEX®, GORE® PYRAD®, GORE® WINDSTOPPER® textile technologies, we engineer and manufacture innovative products that reliably ensure advanced capabilities and protection to military, law enforcement and fire & rescue professionals. Manufacturing is conducted in-house at our owned vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in Europe that are NATO/NSPA approved. All products are “made in EU”, with over 82% of our production being exported to demanding customers, including NATO/NSPA.


Soukos Robots SA is a leading industry located in Larissa, Greece with a long course and vast experience in the design and manufacture of high technology robotic systems with defensive applications. Our continued engagement, long –term study and accumulated expertise can be proved by many inventions which have been patented worldwide and classify our company as an exemplary r & d center of world-wide acclaim. The company has had a continuous and successful cooperation with Greek and foreign governments over the years, as well as with the us army, regarding our Castalia demilitarization system.


Spirit Aeronautical Systems SA (SAS technology,, is an unmanned systems manufacturer of various fixed wind (FW) and multirotor (MR) unmanned platforms. SAS also designs land and maritime unmanned systems. Main company focus currently, is the mid to heavy load MR platforms (UAVs). Our company also manufactures a series of ground stations with customized software applications, that enhance the systems effectiveness and customizes operation to the customer needs. SAS products are fully customizable and special design projects are also been undertaken for tailored solutions. Our UAVs are characterized by Performance, Redundancy, and Open Architecture. SAS technology is a Greek company with its HQ based in Piraeus and is a member of SPIRIT WORLD GROUP ( Its technical facilities are located in Glyka Nera, Attika and include design/development laboratory, production line, products showroom and training area.


SSMART S.A. and Signaal Hellas S.A. are two uniquely structured state-of-the-art companies, focused in specialised defence hardware production and services, primarily for naval applications and software production for real-time environments for the defence and the broader civilian markets. SSMART’s activities are focused on Navy projects, specifically in the field of radar and electro-optical sensors, combat management systems and control and monitoring systems. Our expertise is split into four main areas: Onsite / Onboard activities, Overhaul / Upgrade activities, Integrated Logistic Support services and Production of systems / units. Signaal Hellas provides complete software solutions, undertaking all phases of production from System Architecture and System Design up to and including Provision of Training, Maintenance and Support.


TEMMA, a modern, dynamic and successful company was founded in 1961 and has been specializing in the manufacturing and sub-assembling of high precision Machine and Mechanical parts for Industrial, Defense, Aerospace and Energy storage use and has long been a steady pillar of the Greek Industry. Continuous investment in know-how, technological equipment, young and capable people that form its team, allow the company to carry out the most demanding projects in strict compliance with the
international standards and norms and build long term relationship with its customers. A compelling list
of Greek and international customers entrust TEMMA with prestigious and demanding projects such as: The Cargo Door Frames for the Airbus A320, the Patriot, the SEA-Sparrow and Iris-T missiles, the Mirage and Rafale Radar, the LEOPARD II and lately the Transport Container for ExoMars Rover and many more.


THEON SENSORS is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Night Vision and Thermal Imaging systems. With headquarters in Athens, offices in Kempen, Arlington, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, strategic industrial partners in the US, Saudi Arabia, the Middle and Far East and contracts in more than 55 countries around the world, THEON SENSORS has established itself as a real global leader in the Night Vision and Thermal Market. All products are in house designed by a team of experienced and qualified engineers covering all related engineering disciplines such as optical, mechanical, electronics and system design. Emphasis is given on providing high performing and ergonomically advanced systems that increase the End Users’ safety and mission success rate during night operations.
Night Vision Monoculars and Binoculars
Night Vision Weapon Sights
Night Vision Clip-on Afocal Sights
Thermal Weapon Sights
Thermal Clip-on Afocal Sights
Customized targeting and observation Systems
Driver Viewers (Day/Night, Thermal, fused)
Vehicle targeting cameras (Day/Night)
Customized platform based optronics systems
Theory, Basic Principles and Existing Technologies
Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Spare Parts Provisioning


Trade Tech is provider of Aviation, Maritime, Homeland Security & Defense systems and services to South Eastern European customers and selected markets in the Middle East. Having a large network of international strategic partners, original equipment manufacturers and systems suppliers, we are able to provide optimal solutions tailor made for the needs of our clients on a cost-effective basis. Our role is defined after carefully considering each project scope and customer requirements. We act as technical consultants, systems integrators, sub-contractors or value adding equipment resellers.
Areas of Expertise:
Maritime Surveillance Systems
Tactical & Satellite Communications Systems
Unmanned Systems & Services
General Aviation & Training Aircraft
Air Traffic Control Systems
Aircraft and Helicopter Electronics
Pilot Training & Aircraft Test Systems
Naval Training Systems
Naval Platforms


UCANDRONE is a continuous developing company with wide activity in the field of Aeronautics, providing integrated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for research purposes and other operations. UCANDRONE consists of specialized experts in design, manufacturing and maintenance of all UAVs types fulfilling their customers’ needs. Consulting and training services for the use of UAS are also provided in all cases. The company’s target is to be the absolute enterprise solution for drone-based data acquisition, monitoring and processing. Until today, currently, the company has a close collaboration with National Ministry of Defense and other infrastructure administration, delivering innovative solutions. UCANDRONE’s vision is to become a leading company in European Smart UAS Application Market as well as a major player on the International UAS Commercial Apps Market, specialized and reliable Custom-built Aerial platform Vendor and Technical consultant. The complete provided packages are made of composite aeronautical materials and state-of-the-art remote sensing sensors. The products are capable of surveillance, recording and mapping providing coverage of military operations and internal security needs. UAS are capable to monitor large areas as well as perform aerial monitoring under complex environmental conditions.
Integrating innovative platforms
Mission Ready Platforms
Fixed Wings UAS (BlackBird VT120, Phoreas, Dogma)
Multicopters UAS (Mera, Octopus)


Applied Mechanics Laboratory, University of Patras (AML/UPAT) is in operation since 1980. It is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras UPAT). AML/UPAT deals mainly with the general field of MATERIALS & STRUCTURES giving emphasis in the science, the technology and the applications of composite materials (organic, ceramic and metal matrix), monolithic ceramics and plastics. AML/UPAT has 25 years extensive experience in the field of composite manufacturing, material design and characterization, including application of novel technologies in small scale experimental production of composites and engineering plastics. AML/IJPAT research experience is classified through participation in various research projects programs the last decades under the granting framework of European Union, European Space Agency, and National Research Fund. One of the main research fields in which the AML/UPAT’s had strategically focused is the nano-engineered composite materials development, characterization, and analysis.


Valpak is a major producer of sophisticated military camouflage systems, coatings and provides technical and operational services to a broad range of governmental agencies. Valpak is also a global supplier of advanced military items related to special coatings such as ballistic helmets, rapid deployment tactical shelters, infrared camouflage military covers, insulated thermal over boots. Since every project might have different objectives, we always initiate cooperation with clients by consulting and analyzing products requirements and their applications in order to respond appropriately in diverse contexts where individual approach might be required. • “Tailor Made” solutions for specific needs related to geospatial, cost effectiveness and competition issues • Project Management Advice analyzed to assistance in identifying user requirements, assistance in preparation of technical specifications and products evaluation, feasibility studies related to local resources for manufacturing, offsets programs or technology transfer • Coating Strategy development • Assistance in the upgrade of existing equipment and follow on for products to be purchased • Training courses in Products, Applications, Technology • Operational (in situ) know-how Valpak is staffed with scientific experienced and skilled personnel who have decades of experience in the respective fields of special purposes chemical coatings. Therefore, the company since 1989 has invested and succeeded in developing and acquiring various products and technologies. Thanks to our private NATO and ISO 9001 certified laboratory and the flexibility of our company to collaborate with other independent laboratories, Valpak is able to satisfy any market request or demand with products and services of the highest quality. Subject to the foregoing technology developments our R&D segment is able to carry out and suggest products of updated technology.


VANOS SA estd. 1929 in Piraeus port. Today, under the guidance of the 3rd generation of the Vanos Family, it is operating as a trading company offering a wide range of recognized products and services to the marine, industry, military & civil defense sector. The Company is certified by LRQA according to: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, and by W.C.O. as a “Fully Approved Economic Operator”(AEOF). Additionally, it has been an approved supplier/partner of Greek Army’s Supplies organization and Greek Navy’s Supplies Organization. VANOS SA builds and maintains long-term, well-established professional relationships, based on values of mutual trust and respect, faithfully following the rules of business ethics.




Vector Technologies is recognized as a pioneer and one of the most specialized companies in the domestic and Balkan market. Certified with the international standard of ISO 9001:2015, we offer innovative solutions and measuring systems on the market of telecommunications and electronics, as well as for high demanding specialized operational equipment for Law Enforcement Agencies and Armed Forces Units. Our standing cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers, along with the high expertise of our employees is a guarantee of quality that we provide the most suitable solutions for our customer’s unique and specific requirements, always combining the highest quality at the most affordable prices.


The company was founded in 1974 with the co-operation of Watercraft Ltd. U.K. and in 2006 was acquired by the Norwegian Norsafe AS. Since then Norsafe Hellas S.A. experienced strong growth and in 2011 the Defense Sector have been established. In 2019, the Danish group VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S acquired the entire production facilities, service stations, training centers and other operations of Norsafe around the globe. Currently, the Greek subsidiary, consisting of a modern shipyard, training facilities and service hub, employs 85 specialists, dedicated in the design & construction of professional and military boats, up to 19 meter in length, service & training. Viking – Norsafe’s boats are world renown for superb seaworthiness, maneuverability, durability and speed. The product range consist of multi-purpose workboats, rescue and high speed patrol boats, fast attack and off shore powerboats. In our state-of-the-art facilities, we are also able to produce specialized boats such as, pilot boats, landing crafts and passenger/personnel transport boats. All our products meets or exceeds highest quality and safety standards, in accordance with the latest EC, IMO & SOLAS directives and are duly certified by the leading Classification Societies. Our company, as a shipyard, conforms to the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015, certified by DNV-GL. Today, Viking Norsafe Life-Saving Equipment Hellas S.A., can be considered one of the
leading manufacturers of commercial and military boats from composite materials in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, due to the vast experience that has been acquired over the past
45 years and the advance technology implemented by VIKING Group.


Vippon is a well-known, reliable defense industry vendor, specialized in the production and refurbishment of Track Systems, Track Parts and Roadwheels for various types of Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and Tracked Armored Vehicles (APCs, AIFVs, ARVs & SPHs).
Based on its long-termed experience, its established competence and production flexibility, the company supports a variety of Military Tracked Vehicles and platforms currently in service worldwide. Since of 2016 Vippon is also activated in the production of military and safety footwear through VME SARL (Vippon Middle East). Expanding its activities in the defense sector, Vippon, in close co-operation with Rubtec AS/Denmark, presents the RUBTEC SOFTMOUNT lightweight weapon mounts for the Hellenic Armed Forces, Coastguard and Police. RUBTEC SOFTMOUNT system is a lightweight weapon mounting solution for land and naval systems, designed to provide maximum stability and effectiveness during use. Vippon is an ISO9001:2015 certified company and a NSPA-NATO registered supplier (NCage Code: G0114).