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Jan 21

Hellenic Police: Review of the procurement program

The implementation of a large equipment program aimed at upgrading the logistical infrastructure of the Hellenic Police (ELAS) was mentioned by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Order and former Chief of the Hellenic Police Konstantinos Tsouvalas.

“For the last 18 months, the Ministry of Civil Protection and ELAS have been implementing an extremely large and ambitious plan for the equipment of the police services. “In 18 months, what has not been done for 18 years has happened”, noted Mr. Tsouvalas.

For 2021, the Secretary General stated that the ministry has “an ambitious program, of approximately 23,000,000 euros, for the purchase of motorized operationalequipment”, which includes, among others:

– 40-80 patrol cars with a specially designed” cage” for transporting detainees and those stricken with coronavirus, or other infectious diseases or suspected of suffering from a disease,

– 4 ambulances for ELAS,

– 5 armored vehicles like those that operated in Evros last March,

– 4 special operational vehicles for special actions, such as those that also operated in Evros last March and April.

“For the first time, since 1999, the necessary funds will be available for the complete and total reconstruction of the operational transport buses, of the Operational Directorates of Attica and Thessaloniki, which were purchased during the period until 2003″

For the program implemented in 2020, the Secretary General stated that, in addition to 2,450 vehicles of all types, acquired through tenders or seizures, by the former ODDY, about 20,000,000 euros were allocated for the purchase of operational equipment and personal protective equipment for police,” that had not been purchased for the last 15 years”. “All the demands of the police and the trade unions were satisfied,” said Mr. Tsouvalas. Among the equipment purchased in 2020, Mr. Tsouvalas mentioned: 23,000 bulletproof vests, over 8,000 operational uniforms, complete equipment for 4,000 police personnel on motorcycles throughout Greece.

The Hellenic Police Headquarters is implementing one of the largest re- armament programs. The Services of the Hellenic Police are being equipped with 15,690 bulletproof vests, 675 patrol vehicles and a large number of personal supplies and other technical and support equipment. Special Operational Counter-Terrorism Unit (EKAM) also received specialized operational equipment throughout the country. The budget of the armament program, which exceeds 31 million euros, is covered by appropriations of the regular budget 2020, European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), and the European Internal Security Fund.

The Hellenic Police Headquarters is implementing one of the largest armament programs, with a budget that exceeds a total of 31,000,000 euros. This includes the supply of 675 vehicles, 15,690 bulletproof vests, as well as a large number of personal supplies (operational uniforms, protective helmets, high and low armor boots, handcuffs, etc.) and other technical and support equipment (thermal equipment). computers, alcohol breathalyzers, etc.). The above equipment is distributed throughout the country, based on the individual operational needs of the local police services as well as the specifics of each area.

As for the 675 vehicles, they are distributed to operational First Response Services throughout the country, such as Immediate Response units, Police Stations, Traffic services, etc.

It is noted that since the beginning of the year, a total of 1,453 vehicles have been received, through tender procedures, ESIF programs and the European Regional Development Fund, as a result of which the renewal of the fleet of vehicles of the Hellenic Police is to a large extent achieved.

The Special Suppression Counter-Terrorism Unit (EKAM) for the needs of its operational mission received:

14 personnel carriers and vehicles,
bulletproof helmets, combat vests – bulletproof plates,
auxiliary electronic riflescopes for rifles,
nighttime operational uniforms and aids,
bulletproof shields,
special cartridges, rangefinders, wind gauges for snipers and
Rapelling equipment and accessories.

Regarding the 31 million of the budget of the armament program come from:

18,450,445 euros from the current year’s regular budget appropriations,
5,715,124 euros from the European Internal Security Fund,
5,091,045 euros from the Operational Program for Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development, while from the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) program 2014-2020, of the Operational Programs of the Regions for Active Road Safety.

It is noted that, with this large procurement program for the Hellenic Police, the operational readiness and response of the Police Services throughout the country is significantly upgraded and the level of services provided to citizens in the field of security is improved.