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Τhe Hellenic armament procurement priorities – Defea
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Jul 20

Τhe Hellenic armament procurement priorities

During his speech on the last day of DEFEA, the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros, referred to the armament procurement priorities of the Hellenic Armed Forces.

He stressed, among other things, that “the first priority is to ensure the existing weapon systems and capabilities, in order to optimally exploit them”. He also referred to the ongoing programmes of modernisation and acquisition of new material. Specifically, he pointed out:

– We are upgrading the operational capabilities of the Army by acquiring weapon systems, such as armoured reconnaissance vehicles, long-range guided missiles and others, and by the modernisation of Artillery weapon systems.

– We also maintain all our transport and attack helicopters.

– We implement programmes for the upgrading of the individual armament of the personnel as well as of the general purpose vehicles.

– The programme for the strengthening of the Navy concerns the acquisition of 4 new Frigates, as well as surface units that will be an intermediate solution until the acquisition of the new ships. In this programme we have included the modernisation of the 4 MEKO type Frigates.

– We are upgrading the operational capabilities of the Navy with the modernisation of the Naval Operations P-3B Aircrafts, the acquisition of 7 new MH-60 ROMEO helicopters, as well as the supply of a new type of heavy-duty torpedoes. At the same time, the continuous support of the Fleet units is in progress, and the replenishment of the stocks of all types of ammunition and guided missiles that we have.

– We strengthen the Air Force with the acquisition of RAFALE type Aircraft, the first of which we expect in the near future. At the same time we continue the upgrade of F-16 block 52+ and Advance to VIPER, with a large participation of Hellenic Aerospace Industry.

– Along with the combat-ready aircrafts, of course, the high level of training provided to our pilots is also in demand. That is why it was decided to create a state-of-the-art flight training centre in Kalamata, which will become international.

– At the same time, the implementation of programmes for the upgrade and maintenance of the fleet of the existing aircrafts and the maintenance of the national Air Defence System continues.

– To meet the needs of the newly established Special Warfare Command, programmes such as the supply of parachutes, materials and spare parts for vehicles and high-speed crafts, new high-speed special-purpose crafts, as well as sniper armaments and equipment and ammunition of all types.

– An important part of upgrading our capabilities is the field of Administration and Control with the implementation of the supply of modern technology wireless stations with the capability of satellite communications.