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Important visits on day 3 of DEFEA 2023 – Defea
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May 11

Important visits on day 3 of DEFEA 2023

The International Defence and Security Exhibition DEFEA 2023 concluded today with important visits, transnational contacts and discussions aimed at laying the foundations for future industrial collaborations.

In particular, the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Lefteris Oikonomou, visited the exhibition, toured the stands and wound up his tour with a visit at the venue of the Hellenic Police where he had important contacts and conversations.

In addition, visits to all the stands of the exhibition were made by the head of the Hellenic Army General Staff, Lt. General Angelos Choudeloudis, accompanied by his staff. Lieutenant General Choudeloudis was briefed in detail about the proposals of the industries that manufacture systems for the Army. Among them are armored fighting vehicles, which will be the next step in strengthening ground forces.

Furthermore, Commandant of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Vice Admiral HCG Georgios Alexandrakis, visited the exhibition and the Coast Guard’s booth on Hall 3. It must be noted that officers from all three Branches of the Armed Forces made their presence felt by visiting DEFEA 2023 exhibitors for information.

The flow of distinguished visitors attending DEFEA did not wane. Official Delegation members as well as diplomats and high-ranking executives of the defence and security industry have visited the exhibition rendering its third day as well a business networking success.

We should also highlight the contacts among the various industries with each other (B2B) in order to share information and explore possibilities for co-productions and joint development of programmes.

Technology transfer mechanisms and in particular the synergies between defence industries and those of the civilian sector were the subject of an informative event organised by the Hellenic Manufacturers of Defence Materiel Association-SEKPY in the context of DEFEA 2023.

Robotic applications in firefighting efforts as well as the effects of disasters on the environment and the economy occupied another informative event held during the last day of the Exhibition.

Finally, innovative systems for surveillance and border management were discussed at the informative event that closed the DEFEA Academy.

The success of DEFEA 2023 augurs the most auspicious prospects for the organisation of DEFEA 2025.