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Greek Minister of National Defence met with Armenian counterpart – Defea
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Dec 15

Greek Minister of National Defence met with Armenian counterpart

Greek Minister of National Defence Nikos Dendias met with his Armenian counterpart, Suren Papikyan, during the latter’s visit to Athens on Thursday.

Following their meeting, Dendias stated, “We condemn terrorism and strive to protect civilians. We support everyone’s right to live in their ancestral homes. We endorse the resumption of negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, facilitated by the European Union, to establish conditions of peace and security for the region’s peoples. We stand by the Armenian people.”

Dendias noted that the meeting coincides with a period of heightened tensions, mentioning the situations in the Caucasus, Ukraine, and the Middle East, which contribute to various pockets of instability in the region.

Against this backdrop, Greece maintains a firm stance, Dendias emphasized, “We support dialogue based on the principles of the United Nations Charter and International Law. We advocate for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states, firmly opposing any attempt to forcibly redraw borders.”

The Greek minister highlighted the signing of a military cooperation agreement with Armenia, emphasizing its significance. He mentioned that this agreement is a top priority for the Greek government, aiming to create an innovative system for boosting the Greek defense industry.

Papikyan echoed Dendias, stating that this bilateral military cooperation has a rich history, based on traditionally friendly relations between the two peoples, mutual support readiness, and shared overall views.