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Greece to purchase SPIKE systems and missiles – Defea
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Mar 30

Greece to purchase SPIKE systems and missiles

The Government’s Council for National Security (KYSEA) had a session under the Prime Minister on March 29, to make decisions on Defence procurement programmes. The Council approved the following programmes:

  • Purchase of 17 SPIKE-NLOS systems with 340 missiles for the anti-armour units of the Army. The total value is 270 million euros.
  • Purchase of 100 SPIKE-NLOS missiles to arm the AH-64A attack helicopters of the Army Air Corps. Total value is 45 million euros.
  • Purchase of four SPIKE-NLOS systems to be fitted to patrol boats of the Navy and another four SPIKE ER2 systems to be fitted to special operations fast crafts together with 55 missiles. Total value is 55 million euros.
  • Upgrade of 19 AH-64A attack helicopters by the Israeli company Elbit. Total cost is estimated to 40 million euros. Out of these 19 helicopters, nine will be certified to be armed with the airborne version of the SPIKE-NLOS missiles.

KYSEA was also briefed for the progress of the negotiations for the new corvettes, the MEKO 200 frigates modernization and the purchase of F-35 fighter aircraft.

The Council unanimously approved all the above programmes and authorised the Ministry of Defence to sign the contracts to conclude them. However, as elections have been announced for May 21, it is not certain whether the contracts will be finalised until then, or will be postponed for the next months.