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Mar 10

A new rifle and main multi-purpose vehicle

A new rifle and main multi-purpose vehicle is included in the Action Plan of the Ministry of the Defence.

The new rifle and the main multi-purpose vehicle are expected to be selected in 2021, according to the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense.
More specifically, the two programs are included in the objectives, actions and initiatives that the Minister of National Defense Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos approved to be completed this year and are related to the strategic choices of Government Planning.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the goals for 2021 are moving in three directions: • Guarantee of the Defense and Security of the country • Optimal utilization of the property of the State • Promotion of the Social Contribution of the Armed Forces.

Regarding the first part, 105 armament programs are activated under the General Staffs and contracts of 50 armament programs are signed with actions of the GENERAL DIRECTORATE FOR DEFENSE INVESTMENTS AND ARMAMENTS (GDDIA).

In this context, the Minister of National Defense in cooperation with the Deputy Minister is working to ensure the adequacy of defense equipment. To this end, a draft Presidential Decree will be promoted to regulate issues of training and operation of the Unified Register of Defense Companies, the Defense Research, Technology & Industry Board (DRTIB) will be established and will assume an institutional role.

The existing rifle and the main multipurpose vehicle will be replaced with new -increased capabilities vehicles with bigger participation of the domestic industry.

By decision of the Political Leadership, the Armed Forces strengthen the Civil Protection system with means, materials and personnel, while assisting in natural disaster restoration projects as projects of public utility. They also shield the country’s capacity to manage the challenges posed by the refugee crisis and upgrade border surveillance mechanisms.