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Nov 30

The armament position of the National Guard

was given by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus in the context of press briefing. The main axes of action of the Ministry of Defense based on what was mentioned by the Minister of Defense Charalambos Petridis:

He noted that in recent years there has been an increase in funds allocated for armaments programs, while at the same time stressed that the Ministry implements programs that significantly upgrade the capabilities of the National Guard to collect information and awareness of the situation and to deal with threats. He also said that the Ministry is implementing existing and new contracts to deal with asymmetric threats, including UAVs, while investigating various options for the supply of modern air defense systems, the supply of anti-tank systems, as well as the purchase of helicopters.

The second axis concerns the upgrade of the infrastructure, stating that a total of 2 projects will be completed within 2021, 12 are under construction and 11 are under advanced design.

The third axis, as Mr. Petridis said, focuses on the management of personnel issues and made special reference to the reserve. “The Ministry and the GEEF have made arrangements for the conscription of almost 16,000 retired reservists, who voluntarily came to the Conscription Departments,” he said, noting that the positive results achieved this year are expected to increase further with the expansion of the at the entry and exit points of the Republic.

The fourth pillar of the first Pillar concerns the synergy with the other components of national power of the state, which contributes to the further strengthening of the operational capacity of the National Guard, and as the Minister said, the process of assessing the readiness of Ministries and Services is already underway. , which have been designated as Emergency Policy Planning Services.